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Autobiographical Comics

I'm getting ready to start work on the third issue of my auto bio comic Bearded Comic Book Enthusiast and thought that, as such, this week would be a good time to reflect on the genre. This is a vastly different genre than the mainstream super hero comics because, as you might have noticed, most people are… Continue reading Autobiographical Comics

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Friday Review: My Friend Dahmer

I have to say, it took me a surprisingly long time to get to this book. Given that I live in Ohio, I've run into a lot of people who've read My Friend Dahmer, but I myself never picked it up until recently. I'll start the review portion by saying this book is a haunting experience. I… Continue reading Friday Review: My Friend Dahmer

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Friday Review: The Fisherman Rumble at Robber’s Reef #1

This week for my comic review, I'm taking a look at The Fisherman. This is a different review for me, because the Fisherman is done by indie comic maker (and fellow Ohian) Aaron Lindeman. Reviewing Will Eisner was a lot of fun, but I'm excited to report on the local indie scene, so let's get… Continue reading Friday Review: The Fisherman Rumble at Robber’s Reef #1