Short Stacks

Written by Jordan Kirian
Art by Various

Short Stacks is an anthology comic featuring different short stories every issue. The idea is to be able to use the format to tell several different types of stories at once through the comic medium. Each book will have stories with different genres, themes, and lengths.



Finding Jordan

Written by Jordan Kirian
Art by Jeff Wilson

Finding Jordan is a collection of stories featuring a fictionalized version of humble comic creator Jordan Kirian. The short stories cover a range of topics from culture, history, and comics themselves. Usually, serving as a platform for a Jordan Rant (trademark).

Mini Comics/Zines


 Big Trouble in Little Comics

Written and drawn by Jordan Kirian

Big Trouble in Little Comics is Jordan’s solo effort to keep putting out comics in between work with ACTUAL artists. They are also his attempt to create hand made books. These are actually comic zines. The content of these books vary, and are simply collections of comics that Jordan can muster the strength to put together. They also contain back up features like poetry!


Bearded Comic Book Enthusiast

Written and drawn by Jordan Kirian

This work is a collection of auto biographical comics from Jordan’s life. Many of them connect to his love of and work with comics. Some, however, are just about life. This title was heavily influenced by Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor and because Jordan is also from Ohio, he felt he had to represent. Tales range from all points of life, and aren’t in any form of order.


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