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Comic Book Romance

As today is Valentine's Day, and I'm a sucker for such things, I've decided to dive into the romantic side of comics. This is not going to be an academic look into love, rather, an examinations of some of the comic book relationships that really stick out to me. No, not every couple will be… Continue reading Comic Book Romance

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Friday Review: 5,000 km Per Second

For this week's book review, I went on a quest to find something different. And, thanks to the people at Fantagraphics (doing the Lords' work tm), I found 5,000 km Per Second. This comic was written and drawn by Manuele Fior, and was originally published in Italy. So I have to thank Jamie Richards for the translation.… Continue reading Friday Review: 5,000 km Per Second

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Advice For Making Comics

Do you want to make comics? Well let me start with this: it's hard. Now, I don't mean that in a discouraging way. But it's hard work, probably more than most people realize. You have to wrestle a story into good enough shape to write, draw it, ink it, color it, and letter it. I'm… Continue reading Advice For Making Comics