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Friday Book Review: Daytripper

Is this, you ask yourself, another book I've never read, but definitely should? Why, yes, yes it is.¬†Daytripper¬†is another quality title delivered by Vertigo Comics, written by Fabio Moon and drawn by Gabriel Ba. I think it's important to note that the authors are real life twins. It seems to me this helps their work… Continue reading Friday Book Review: Daytripper

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Friday Review: 5,000 km Per Second

For this week's book review, I went on a quest to find something different. And, thanks to the people at Fantagraphics (doing the Lords' work tm), I found 5,000 km Per Second. This comic was written and drawn by Manuele Fior, and was originally published in Italy. So I have to thank Jamie Richards for the translation.… Continue reading Friday Review: 5,000 km Per Second