“Comics Will Break Your Heart”

Jack Kirby said that, and did he know a thing or two about comics. At first, when I heard that quote, I didn’t really get it. However, now that I’m trying to break into the comic writing biz, I totally understand what the King of Comics meant. He was right, comics will hurt you while you do nothing but show them your undying love.

Now, I’m not writing this to be a bummer, in fact, I probably love comics more than I ever did. But rest assured in knowing this is no easy task. This isn’t a couple of friends lolly gagging about while enjoying some zam bap pow antics. These is real work, man. It’s tough stuff. I am going to give credit where credit is due, though, the art parts are the hardest. I can write several scripts while an artist is tied to one project.

So, yeah. We gotta write, draw, ink, color, and letter our own books. And while the art is being worked on, we have to look at printing costs, keeping up the website, getting business cards, and trying to stand out in a more-comics-than-ever atmosphere. It can be more heartbreaking than ever, and we don’t even have Jack Kirby anymore to make it better.


Well, he’ll never really be gone.

Indeed, comics will break your heart. But, that’s what makes it so worth it, isn’t it? It’s a tough process, and can be painful, but if you really want to make comics, which we certainly do, it’s all worth it. Comics will have its ups and downs, it will hurt us and raise us up, but we here at Hot Cakes Comics wouldn’t have it any other way.


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