Jordan Makes a Web Comic

I had often told people that my ability to draw wasn’t good enough to sustain a comic. Well, after SPACE I decided to stop feeling inadequate and produce some content for the website. Seeing all the people who wrote and drew their own stuff made me think I should give it a go as well.

Well, that’s only half of the story, though. I had been hearing this song by George Harrison on the radio an awful lot, called “What is Life” and it is really good. Have a listen. And Spring had just started too, so the sunlight had super charged me. It felt incredible. So, as I drove around listening to this song, I had an idea for a comic. What if I took this love song and applied it to comic books. After all, what is my life without comics, right?

So, I wrote, drew, colored, and lettered a web comic. And let me tell you, the hardest part, by far, was coloring. Now, I have heard that coloring is supposed to be the most relaxing part of the gig. That was false. I think it’s because I had no experience before, and I have no knowledge of color theory. My usual method is to jump in and learn as I go. Now, that did sort of happen, but boy was it a struggle. Especially coloring digitally. I had only used Photoshop to draw at this point, and it was a whole new experience learning to color. The whole point of this part is to really appreciate those colorists out there.

So then, I put it out there, and even though it’s a little rough and I will be learning to get better, it feels really good to put my stuff out there. To have made something all on my own (though it’s only five panels) feels great. Thanks for reading it and thanks for supporting me.


Oh, and super special thanks to George Harrison, wherever you are. This is is signature at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I sought it out especially to add to our sight. Thanks George.


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