Selling Our First Book

Yes. Today, we sold our first book. Actually, we sold several of them. It felt as good, and even better, than you might imagine. To know that people are not only interested in what we’re doing, but willing to PAY for it. Well. C’mon, there’s nothing like it. Hopefully we sell even more at SPACE. But, it won’t compare to our first sale. No way.

What makes it better is these people buying copies asked for them to be SIGNED. I’m not letting it go to my head, but hey, that’s a pretty neat feeling.


Ah! There I am, with the two awesome dudes that bought our book! It’s exciting, isn’t it? To know that your hard work meant something. It’s great. I really appreciate anyone who supports not just us, but any local artist, small business, anything trying to do whatever they love. You don’t HAVE to buy their stuff. But that’s what keeps them going.

When SPACE is all said and done (our first comic con!) I’m sure we’ll be tired, and it will be strange when our big goal (getting to SPACE) is actually over. But we hope that you continue to support us, like these fine gentleman.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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