V for Vendetta



I know it’s not November 5th yet, but gosh is it close! So for my free draw I drew one of my favorite comic characters ever, V! You know…the one that stands for Vendetta. In just a couple days, your social media will be flooded with this mask, so I figured I’d do it now to stand out. Written by Alan Moore (my eyes just became hearts) and drawn by David Lloyd, V for Vendetta is one of those great stories where you can’t tell if the hero is actually the hero, or just crazy. If you’ve never read it, you absolutely should. The movie is good on its own, but as always, the book is better. I remember reading it for the first time in college, and it became one of my first true comic loves. I had read comics for a long time, but nothing quite like V for Vendetta. So, have a happy 5th of November, you lil anarchist anti-heroes!